Resident Stephen Buskirk

On Oct. 15, 2016, World War II veteran Stephen Buskirk, a resident at Life Care Center of Palm Bay, Florida, took a special flight to Washington, D.C.


Buskirk went on the trip through Honor Flight, an organization that provides flights to veterans around the country to D.C. to recognize them for their service.


“After I got off the plane, I had a personal escort who brought me all around to the different events,” Buskirk shared. “We got to the White House, and on the second floor were all the veteran events. It was exciting – so much to see!”


Honor Flight provided photos of the attendees, which were displayed on the White House walls, along with their names.


“It seemed like they took thousands of pictures of us!” Buskirk said. “We had lunch at the White House and were able to order anything we wanted.”


Even more special was the chance to see people Buskirk hadn’t seen in many years.


“I met up with some Army and Navy buddies and even met a couple of Japanese men who I had captured in the South Pacific,” Buskirk said. “I remembered them, and they remembered me. They ended up going to college in New York.


"I had a wonderful time on this trip and brought back letters, awards and all kinds of gifts,” he added. “I will never forget this.”

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